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"Virtual Property is a smart exchange office, where you can get cryptocurrencies from the convenience of your home – it only takes a few clicks. Try it for yourself to see how easy it is to shop on our website."

Money of the future

Getting your own cryptocurrency is nowadays not a problem at all.

Fast and convenient purchase

In a few minutes and from the convenience of your home. That is how easy the purchase of Bitcoin is now.

Unique overview

On your account, you have permanent overview of your transactions available. You can even see the last time you were here. All you need to do is to Register

Calculation of the purchase price


EUR 20121.50

CZK 497 907,-

Purchase Bitcoin

EUR 1 161.64

CZK 28 745,-

Purchase Ethereum
Bitcoin Cash

EUR 104.38

CZK 2 583,-

Purchase Bitcoin Cash

EUR 49.45

CZK 1 224,-

Koupit Litecoin

Firm foundations and happy clients

Every day, we make sure that all your transactions are carried out without any problems. We are rewarded for this effort by pleasant feedbacks and many returning clients

Stabile team

which takes care of each of you and permanently tries to improve the services, which our exchange office offers.

Bitcoin is our passion

Years ago, when the first information on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies started to emerge, we felt excitement of this subject. Experience it too!

Your satisfaction is our reward

We strive to keep the exchange rate as favourable as possible, so that you can get cryptocurrencies cheaper.


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.An exchange office that will teach you how cryptocurrencies work

Educational blog

Become experts not only on bitcoin but also on other currencies. There are really many of them.

Customary tips and ticks

Read how bitcoin works, what is Blockchain and why it is so in!

Diversification of finances

It is one of the reasons, why bitcoin has lately been attracting attention of wide public. But we are still at the beginning!