Purchase of the cryptocurrency using general wallet – tens of minutes up to several hours from crediting the amount to the VirtualProperty account. The verification speed depends on the network condition.

Sale of the cryptocurrency – sent progressively after receiving the cryptocurrency to the collection purse. The speed depends on our and your bank. If the client has an account with the same bank as VirtualProperty, the transaction is completed in minutes, within the maximum of one hour.
The lower limit is min. CZK 21. You pay 2% from the exchanged amount for the exchange, at least CZK 20. The upper limit for anonymous exchange is an equivalent of 1000 € per week per person. 
The upper limit is EUR 14,500 per day, but only upon the verification of the client. If the client passes the verification process and his verification is finished, he or she can individually negotiate the purchase and sale limit increase with the management of VirtualProperty.
VirtualProperty wants to keep the reputation of the cheapest exchange office on the Czech-Slovak market. We don't deceive our clients using the marketing of zero fees. We do not hide fees into unrealistic exchange rates. We strive to provide fair services for everyone. We therefore charge 2% fee, min. CZK 20 for both purchase and sale (fees for the Blockchain are paid by the clients themselves). Bank, wallet, and net fees outside VirtualProperty are paid by the clients themselves according to their pricelist.
When buying and selling cryptocurrencies, we use the rates valid at the time of crediting the funds to our bank account, or on our collection wallet. Therefore, we recommend that you to sell the cryptocurrencies immediately after the order is created, which eliminates the differences. For accurate receipt of the ordered quantity when buying cryptocurrencies, we recommend that you set up the bank account in the same bank we use. The decision is yours, of course.
Our support tries to solve the problems of clients in real time. Don't be afraid to send us an email to info@virtualproperty.cz,
call us at (+420) 704 206 405 or use the online chat service directly on the VirtualProperty site. We will also be happy to help you on the telegram channel, under the VirtualProperty name.