How to make the exchanges?



Make your order from the VirtualProperty main page. Send the amount of at least CZK 21 to the selected account.


Important! For each transaction, enter the variable symbol from the order and enter the security password in the message for the recipient:


The limit for non-cash transfer without verification is EUR 1,000 per person per week. Payments to / from a single owner's accounts are added together. The limit after the verification is EUR 14,500 per person per day.


The purchase and sale fees are 2% of the amount exchanged, min. CZK 20. Charges to banks and the blockchain are paid by the client.


CZK account: 1028632178/6100, IBAN CZ6661000000001028632178
(EUR account – to be added)

Complete Instructions for Using VirtualProperty Exchange Office

Click the "PURCHASE" or "SELL” buttons on the main page. Fill out the table with the required transaction data.

Click Accept Business Terms and then "Proceed with the order"
Provide your email correctly; you will receive the payment instructions there. If the email does not arrive, check out the SPAM or other folders of your mailbox. Click "Finish the Order". If your bank and cryptocurrency wallet supports sending a payment via QR code, you just need to scan the generated QR code and send the payment.

Purchase of the cryptocurrency: Send the required amount in CZK or EUR to the bank account of VirtualProperty.
For each transaction, enter the unique variable symbol that you received in the e-mail along with the order. Please make sure to include the following security phrase in the message for the recipient: "Nákup".

Cash deposit / postal order payment: VirtualProperty allows these types of transactions, but in case of discrepancies (bad note, missing VS), verification of the person is required regardless of the amount of the payment. The purchasing client is responsible for entering all mandatory data correctly.

sale of the of the cryptocurrency: when selling cryptocurrency, always check that the exchanged amount of the cryptocurrency corresponds with the value stated in the order. Otherwise, the system will not be able to automatically pair the payment. The Bitcoin exchange must be completed within 30 minutes after the order was made. Otherwise, the order is invalid.

Exchange Speed
Purchase of the cryptocurrency – tens of minutes up to several hours from crediting the amount to the VirtualProperty account. The verification speed depends on the network condition.

Sale of the cryptocurrency – sent progressively after receiving the cryptocurrency to the collection purse. The speed depends on our and your bank. If the client has an account with the same bank as VirtualProperty, the transaction is completed in minutes, within the maximum of one hour. 

You will find information on every order in your transaction history in your profile at the VirtualProperty website.

Rates displayed by the exchange office  

The rates displayed by the exchange office are governed by the development of the Kraken exchange ( as a spare). The rates of the cryptocurrencies are calculated based on the EUR / CZK exchange rate announced by the Czech National Bank.

The rates displayed are valid for the given moment. For the actual exchange, the rate applicable at the time of crediting the funds to the VirtualProperty bank account is used. The data in the order are indicative!


The fees to banks, wallets, and network outside of VirtualProperty are paid by the clients themselves according to their pricelists. From the time your funds are credited to VirtualProperty accounts until they are sent from our accounts we charge no fees. Visible or hidden. The data in the order is already after our commission has been deducted.

Purchase and sale limit

The lower limit is min. CZK 21. You pay 2% from the exchanged amount for the exchange, at least CZK 20. The upper limit for anonymous exchange is an equivalent of 1000 € per week per person.
The upper limit is EUR 14,500 per day, but only upon the verification of the client. If the client passes the verification process and his verification is finished, he or she can individually negotiate the purchase and sale limit increase with the management of VirtualProperty.

Client Verification  

For purchases/sales over the limit, e.i. over EUR 1,000 per person / week, verification of the client is necessary.

1.) Register to our website
2.) Click the confirmation link, which the system will send to the e-mail address provided by you
3.) Log in to your account and click on ACCOUNT SETTING.
4.) Fill in all the required personal data and upload 2 identity documents (The ID card is required; driving licence, passport, birth certificate, or another document approved by the support are accepted as the second document). Pictures must be in full colour, of good quality and of adequate size.
5.) Upload your selfie with your ID in your hands. Both your face and the identity document from the front should be clearly visible.
6.) After completing these steps, click FILL OUT AND PRINT THE AML QUESTIONNAIRE (filling directly from your PC is possible). Then print, sign and then upload the questionnaire into the system as a scan.
7.) If all steps are properly met, verification will be completed on the same day, as soon as possible. (To speed up the approval process, please write to our support).
ATTENTION! The verification must be undergone by the owner of the account, from which the money will be sent to our account, or to which you want to send the funds in case of sales. Otherwise, the transaction will not be completed.
The verification entitles you to purchase / sell cryptocurrencies within the limit of EUR 14,500 per person / day. If you plan to make bigger purchases or sales, contact our support and negotiate an individual process.
VirtualProperty reserves the right to refuse a client in whom suspicious transactions occur or a client who provides false information.